Content creation

Make a video. Now make 100 more. Fast, superb, at scale.

A savvy marketer told us recently that her organization struggled to move from a world of producing two TV spots a year to 20 social posts each week. Exactly.

We act as an accelerator for your team or agency to product more content, more rapidly, with more relevance for your target consumers. This includes taking the “target” off their backs to understand what your audience finds most helpful, and carefully testing and ramping up images, text and video.

Think of your brand as a drum. We increase the beats.

Content strategy

Predict the trend. Outpace competitors.

The CMO of a leading social platform confided in us over drinks at SXSW that sentiment monitoring is, er, overrated. “What marketers really want from social analytics,” he said, “is help predicting a trend about to break.” Yep.

We digest data, find out where your brand’s competitors are playing, and map gaps in social platforms you can fill with your message. People care about what they, well, care about right now. In this fleeting moment, in that flowing conversation. We put you there.

Content analytics

Learn what works, kill what doesn’t. Rinse. Repeat.

Yes, there is way too much social and digital data in the world. Which is why our Ph.D. in analytics guides a team on pattern recognition. We manage the menagerie of analytics tools, platforms and statistical techniques … so you don’t have to.

What you get are lucid test strategies, careful cadences of content, and insightful recommendations about what to optimize or scale. Or, in non-marketing-speak, what works where. So you can zig where others zag, all the way to the results finish line.